Band & Orchestra

Wide variety of Woodwinds, Brass, Orchestral Strings and much more
  1. NS Design, 4-String Cello - Electric (WAV4CCOAB)
  2. NS Design, 4-String Cello - Electric (WAV4CCOTR)
  3. NS Design, 5-String Cello - Electric (WAV5CCOBK)
  4. NS Design WAV5 Cello, Amberburst
  5. LJ Hutchen Eb Alto Saxophone with Plush-Lined Case
  6. LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell Case
  7. LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet with Plush-Lined Case
  8. Elation Professional OPTO BRANCH 6 RJ45 DMX/RDM Data Splitter / Amplifier
  9. Trophy Flute (400)
  10. Hodge Piccolo Swab Blue
  11. Hodge Piccolo Swab Green
  12. Yamaha Recorder (YRS-302B)
  13. Chicken & Egg
  14. RS Berkeley Student Flute
  15. Trophy Flute (400)
  16. Cecilio CCO-500 Ebony Fitted Flamed Solid Wood Cello with Hard and Soft Case, Stand, Extra Strings, Bow, Rosin and Bridge, Full Size 4/4
  17. Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto Saxophone
  18. Antigua Winds X/P FL1210 C Flute